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Manage your Investment

When it comes to RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks, we offer the best management services available.  We organize all the parks information through Rent Manager and to make it much easier to communicate and run your park(s) efficiently and effectively.  Whatever your case may be, we have the experience and knowledge to lay out a plan to improve your Investment Property.

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Rehab your RV / Mobile Home Park

With over 3 decades of experience, we know how to improve your RV/Mobile Home Park in the most cost effective way possible.  We are capable of doing everything from cleaning up the park to tearing down old Mobile Homes and replacing them.  We also go the extra mile by building good relationships with local officials and authorities in order to help keep your park safe and clean.

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Increase your Property Value

With our experience, we will implement and show you how to reduce your operation expenses and increase your income.  In turn, this will increase the NOI for your park and make your investment property much more attractive for another investor to want to purchase for top dollar!  Having our management/rehab team in place will have a huge increase in the value of your park.

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With MHP Fixers services, we will be able to:

  • Build and establish great relationships with the local community.  We make it a point to get to know and have a good working relationship with the local sheriff and local mayor.  We find it easier to get what you want accomplished with the help of the city on your side
  • We also have the ability to help get out trouble tenants (drug use, criminal activity, or simply not paying for rent for months).  On top of that, we will replace those bad tenants with good, vetted tenants.
  • We lower the costs for you.  It's important to us to make sure you know that we treat each park as if it were one of our own.  In doing so we use competitive pricing for jobs and repairs that need to be done for the park(s).  We get quotes from several companies to get the best and most competitive price available.

How to Purchase Off-Market RV Parks / Mobile Home Parks

MHP Fixers is not only a management and rehab team, we also find off market RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks for our clients.  With our advanced search system we can located an area and search for properties that are off market.  We have the ability to contact the owners and negotiate a good price if they are interested in selling.


Whether you're buying a new RV/Mobile Home Park or if you need help with your existing one, we're the company for you.  With us on your side, we will bring in and hire an onsite manager in which we will train and supervise.  In order to collect rent efficiently we will set up an easy direct depositing system.  With us working for you, we will maximize profits and minimize your costs and fix any problem areas the park is experiencing.

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wanting to buy or sell yours,

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