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Our Approach

Our Approach

Typically when an average person thinks of Mobile Home Parks they don't think about a good real estate investment.  And they are right, sometimes they aren't if they are not being ran properly, rent is not being collected regularly, poor management and systems in place, and other scenarios can hurt your investment property.  When handled correctly and the proper systems in place, RV/Mobile Home Parks have a fantastic return and becomes a real cash cow.  Whether it be park owned or tenant owned homes, the return on investment is HUGE with the right people running and operating your park.

There are many investors who do see the upside in owning RV/Mobile Home Parks.  However, most investors do not have experience in running this type of investment property and everything else that goes along with it.  This is where we come in and help the owner(s) with Management and Rehab of their RV/MHP Investment.

We have over 3 decades of experience successfully rehabbing and operating RV/Mobile Home Parks.  From getting the right tenants in the homes to building relationships with the community.  We have the  know how and ability to make and maintain your RV/MHP and also build strong and lasting relationships with the local city officials, like the sheriff and mayor.  This will help ensure that your community is being looked after and maintained daily.

We go the extra mile to make sure that our Mobile Home Parks are safe and enjoyable to live.  Unlike most management companies, we quote several vendors for work that needs to be done for the property to ensure the best competitive price and to keep costs to a minimum.  A Mobile Home Park is an investment, and it requires having the right people in place to maximize its potential.

Our method is very simple it is ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS.  If you cannot get a significant return on your money then why look at investing into a Mobile Home Park?  We want to make your RV/MHP Park as attractive as possible to bring in the best tenants you can find.  Our job is to make it easy and enjoyable to own your investment.

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