12 Townhomes back
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23 Beautiful Townhomes!!
Major Cash Cow for $1,285,000!!!


Investment Opportunity

Purchase Price: $1,435,000

Cost per unit: $62,390

Building Class:   B

Location Class:   B

Investment Benefits

  • NOI $124,560
  • 25.9% Cash on Cash Return
  • 5 year ROI – 61.8%
  • 9.7% Cap Rate
  • Turn Key Ready
  • Large Equity
  • 100% Occupied
  • Even more possible value plays!

Opportunity: HUGE EQUITY!!! Excellent opportunity for an investor to get on board with a stable property with possible value added by reducing expenses or increasing rents.

Status: Under contract by AmeriPlex Holdings, LLC. New Buyer will be assigned the contract to close.

This Property is offered for sale to qualified Buyers.

Proof of funds is required with all offers.



 Property Description


Unit Mix

Units Bed Bath
11 2 1
12 2 1.5


Number of Units: 23

Style: Townhomes

Construction: Siding-Two Story, Brick-Two Story

Current Occupancy: 100%

Market Cap Rate: 9%

Pro Forma Cap Rate: 9.7%


Income and Expenses


Unit Income

Units Bed/Bath Actual Rent
11 2/1 $700
12 2/1.5 $800


Subject Property Rent:

Actual rents are provided in the Rent Roll.

Income                                                 Pro-Forma

Yearly Potential Income                            $207,600

Less Vacancy  (10%)                          (20,760)

Less Expenses (30%)                         (62,280)

Net Operating Income                         $124,560


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Contact Information
Please contact me at the phone number or email address listed below if you are an interested party, or if you require further information.
AmeriPlex Holdings, LLC
(214) 796-7106